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A wide range of Products and Services.
@It is our mission at to create a website that clearly conveys the content you wish to deliver,
as well as a website that provides the user with a successful and satisfying Web experience.

This means that the design is elegant and clear, the coding is forward-compatible and in compliance with
strict Web standards, the information is well organized and easily accessible via a clear and intuitive site architecture, and the pages load quickly.

Rather than foregrounding technological flash, we let technology serve the purpose of the site, thus
avoiding unnecessary and irritating waits for information.

You can check out our WebSite Design Process to have an idea how we operate and how the project
moves through its various stages smoothly.

Below are all the services we are currently offering to our customers with a brief explanation.
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WebSite Design.
  We design and program for the site, using whatever technologies are required for the website to meet its purpose. Although we can create sites in Dreamweaver if required, we usually hand-code all the pages to ensure the most economical code for easy maintenance and quick load times.

Having just any old website isn't good enough these days. Today's websites need to be appealing, easy to navigate, and quick to load. After all, a website reflects the company or individual who it is owned by.
Therefore, having the "kid next door" or other unprofessionals create your website is undesirable -
it is best to leave it up to the professionals. is the answer for professional design. Our specialty is website design that works in the real world. This means that no important details are left out. Whether it's meta tags, alt tags, browser-compatibility
or speedy downloads, we've got everything covered.

All of our websites are custom designed for individuals and businesses, allowing each client a unique and tailored website. We offer competitive prices, allowing even the smallest of businesses able to afford our websites.

WebSite Re-design.

If you already have a website, it might be time for a re design. This is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the first version of a website is rarely perfect - there are likely many things that could be changed to make the website more efficient, easier to navigate, and faster to load.

Second, re designing a website invites users to come back for more. A fresh new look in itself will attract more visits to your website, thereby potentially increasing the number of sales.

Thirdly, designs that worked a few years ago, might not work today. The look of the internet has changed,
and with the increase in popularity of such professional graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, websites today look as slick as printed brochures. Therefore, having a website that screams
"3 years ago", is less than ideal.

Finally, re designing your existing website allows for new ideas, and creativity to filter through. With the new dynamic internet languages, more things are possible in programming than ever before, allowing your website
to have the interactivity and features that you want. can help you redesign your website. We have done a number of re designs, with superb results. Remember too, that if your website requires many things to be moved around or changed, your best bet is to re-design the entire website, rather than making small changes here and there and being stuck with the old look.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization.
  If you would like your website to experience more visitors and hits, you will need some (SEO) Search Engine Optimization techniques applied to your website. Most companies who offer this service have their own SEO "secrets", and we have ours too. What we will say is that we will register your website with the major search engines, and tweak your website so that it is more search engine friendly. This will allow the potential for visitors to increase, potentially increasing sales.

Additionally, we can provide your website with a link exchange program, enabling your website to be referred from other websites, by simply providing a reciprocal link. This technique is also meant to increase website popularity. will work closely with you to ensure that your website places well when your keywords are searched online using one of the search engines.

WebSite Promotion.
  A website promotion campaign can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. It involves everything from the optimization of your website meta tags, increasing link popularity and determining the precise keyword density. We offer the most cost-effective website promotion and search engine submissions methods available today, and continue to be the leader in marketing strategies for highly optimized, profitable websites. Website Promotion is time-consuming, so don't spend precious time with promotion of your website when you have a business to run, leave that to the website promotion specialists! With the recent changes in Google that has left so many site owners devastated, you can't afford to wait for "sunnier days" or trust your site to anyone but a professional firm who can guarantee you results and act logically and decisively to correct your sites problems after a search engine update or surprise!

Website promotion continues to evolve, and many companies offer guarantees of top 10 rankings on every major search engine within a month or two, promising your traffic will double or triple almost immediately after a submission but you will have to pay vast sums for an website optimization campaign, buy expensive promotion software, or pay monthly fees to have pages generated on a separate website server that will be taken down as soon as you discontinue paying. We offer very simple and concise solutions to get your site submittted to the major seach engines with many submission and promotion packages that are sure to meet your needs and your budget!

WebSite Submission. provides the most effective and unique search engine submission service available. Using our proprietary blend of genuine search engine submission, sponsored listings and paid inclusion we
will get you listed faster and more comprehensively than any other
service, guaranteed.

  Search Engines
Flash Design.
  Is low-cost marketing worth the price of low return on your marketing investment? If you are considering Flash for your online presentation, web site or tradeshow demo, this becomes a critical question. Animations, voiceovers, interactivity and universal availability through the Internet are characteristics of online multimedia that elevate this promotional medium above all others. Flash and Shockwave make brand building, customer or investor instruction, product tours and many other functions possible with one tool set, one project team and one vision.

Audio/visual communication always motivates users' more effectively than literature, and the web is not different in this respect. Combined with the power of personalization and interactivity (which provides choice), multimedia interfaces and presentations remain fresh and interesting. Unlike traditional online promotional tools such as banner ads or static web sites, they merge seamlessly into people's web surfing experience. delivers all this with talented graphic designers, 3D animators, Flash programmers and strong art direction. Our comprehensive approach to online brand development insures that your story will be told with impact. We can thus create rich, Flash-based online product catalogues, shopping carts, search engines, modifiable presentations and other features previously available only with HTML-based web sites.

Here is an example of Flash Design.

Hosting Solutions.'s value driven website hosting, Internet solutions and exceptional service will get you up and running quickly with the latest in today's technology, and 24/7 phone support. We have shared web hosting plans for the personal and business customer, Ecommerce plans featuring the powerful Miva Merchant, Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers and an array of other value added services. has been hosting websites, and offering e-business solutions since 2000. Let work for you, and get started on the web today.

Database Integration/Creation. will be happy to create a database for you from scratch using information you provide about your merchandise and customer-base. Most businesses, however, already have at least some of this information in a current database. The days of keeping all your merchandise and client information, prices, marketing surveys and quantity-of-inventory in wall-to-wall filing cabinets are over (thank goodness!). Whichever situation you are in--whether you need us to integrate your current database with your web site or populate your database from scratch--we cannot underemphasize the power of a web site that fully utilizes database capabilities.

The beautiful thing about web sites with good database solutions, is that they can do much of your work for you. For example, if a customer buys a widget from your company on-line, a good database solution will automatically update your inventory so you know you have one less widget in stock. Not only that, when integrated with database information, your web site can display to customers when you are out of widgets so your customer-service-representative won't have to call the customer and the client won't get angry when his order has trouble processing. Your web site will also be able to display when you are low on the super-duper-limited-edition-widgets, so your customers know to buy now!

E-Commerce Solutions.
  Forrester Research predicts that by 2005, US online retail sales will total $269 billion, or 11% of US retail sales. Ecommerce is sweeping the globe - you need an ecommerce solution that works for you!

There are many organizations that are providing e-commerce solutions but does the solution match the problem? E-business is thriving, but many e-commerce solutions providers are struggling because they don't understand that each organization has different needs and each organization's solution to its problems may be different. Credit card transactions on the Web can now be as secure as in-store transactions. can enable your business to make sales online, whether you are offering one product or thousands of products.

Graphic Design.
  Establishing a Corporate Identity is a need for any business. As any successful company knows, your clients and partners must recognize and differentiate you from your competitors instantly. Because your identity has to stand out from the rest, custom graphics are the key to create a successful company image. Our primary objectives are to produce and maintain a distinctive, effective, unique and enjoyable graphic design for you, your company or your organization.

A Corporate Identity can be established through colors, animations, logo identification, digital photography, online-stock images, ... etc. Our team will work very close to you in order to establish a customized look and feel for your company. We can help you market your company by building your company logo and other marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead, corporate brochures, and of course, your company website.

Logo Creation.
  If you are looking for an attractive logo design and at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place. It does not matter whether you're a small one-person startup business, a huge multinational company or anything in between. You will receive the same attention to detail and creative energy from the designers you choose. Our designers continually push the boundaries of graphic design to come up with cutting edge designs that are bound to project the image you want.



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