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WebSite Design Process
Our WebSite Design Process.
@A successful website development project starts with careful planning.
We have developed a procedure to ensure that the project moves through its
various stages smoothly.

Our 4 key points for a successful project are:

  Vision Focus Speed Time  
  Vision Fucus Speed Time  
Below are the 5 stages we usually follow to deliver a great WebSite.
1) Project Questionnaire.

Before our first meeting, requests that you complete our contact form.
Completing this form helps us and you to get a better idea of the look, the scope and the
objectives of your business's website.

2) Getting Clear.

Understanding your business and your brand is the critical first step. We work with you to
clearly understand your current needs and long-term goals, as well as the competitive
environment in which your business operates. We define how we will assess the success
of the project. It is at this stage that we also outline the initial schedule and budget.

3) Information Architecture & Interface Design.

The content of the website is determined, and we work with you to determine how to most
effectively present that information to the end-user. Functional, technical and creative
requirements are determined. Once the information architecture is developed, we put up for
your review a navigable website containing just the information to be presented.
This test website is put ina private area of our server for your eyes only.
The website design elements are identified. Design prototypes are put on the test website
for your review.

4) Implementation & Testing.

We now do the coding for the website. Once the website is built, we upload the files to the
test site and commence tests for useability, cross-platform issues, and functionality.
Any problems or issuesare identified and solutions determined.

5) Launch & Follow-up.

Once all Quality Assurance issues are resolved, we put the website online at the specified URL.
If you are going to be maintaining the site in-house, a client-side support team is identified and
training conducted. The website is registered with the major search engines.
Site performance is monitored closely.


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