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About Us
A little more info about our company and what we do. is a professional website design & web development company. Our services include web design, web programming, technical support & maintenance, banner design, web consulting and marketing.
We create (from a scratch to a fully functional solution) almost all types of websites needed for a serious business - online presentation of your company, e-commerce with a database-driven catalog, shopping cart and secure online payment, membership, community and dating sites, portals and search engines, financial analysis and information, education, government, etc. provides full-service web development. Besides website creation, we take care of your hosting, domain name registration and management, site maintenance and technical support, contents management and future updates and upgrades, as well as any type of design work needed - logo creation, print design, corporate identity and advertising materials.

Our clients include companies and individuals from United States, Japan and Italy. Published here, on our website, the clients' testimonials confirm the satisfaction which everyone gets when chosing
Our Approach.
 We start with a design concept for your site, making sure it satisfies you completely. Then we transform it into a main page, which we install online for you to review. Afterwards we move on with the internal pages, the functionalities, data structures, and what ever else is needed for your system. At reaching the final point of any project, we always make sure you've got a flawlessly operating solution with nice look and visual apperance, which meets your business needs completely.
We always discuss the site with you, making sure we follow your needs.

This is what you get - a custom website, adjusted to your needs.

Having a look at our company portfolio, you'll find top-experienced pros. Being for many years in web site design business, we've provided our services to many individuals, companies and organizations, creating their noticeable online presence, big website systems or advanced online applications. You will also notice the elegant visual appearance is always a priority. 
Our Team.
 The brain power of your team is the strongest advantage in IT business. is proud of its human resource - a united team of dynamic, skilled individuals, devoted to their work. Before being employed, they pass a two-level interview, 4-hours final exam and a 6-months trial period. Once someone starts working for us - we know we've found the best!

The team-work, friendly atmosphere and professional cooperation - that's what every employee feels every single moment, each working day. We know it is our company, and we are the ones who grant its success. Everyone feels growing personally and professionally as the company grows itself.

Here is some brief company information:

  • Company locations: Tokyo, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Milano
  • In business since: 1998
  • Team size: 46 employees
  • 3 partners worldwide
  • Clients from 3 countries and 3 continents
  • Chief Executive/WEB Director: Mr. G. Marino's Style.

  Expertise and Creativity   Expertise & Creativity.   Dedicated Leadership   Dedicated Leadership.
This is our job and we know how to do it; our expertise is
the groundwork on which we base our reputation and which guarantees success of the company and its clients.
  Devoted to our job, we do not just follow requirements: we offer our advice, consulting and ideas for improving and enhancing your project; clients can always rely on our initiative.
  Future Vision   Future Vision.   Communication   Communication.
Thinking of Internet business more as a process rather than a single task. We are always looking towards the future, finalizing all projects in a flexible manner allowing effortless extension in future.   After all, web development is
a job with numerous technical tasks. We support full-time contact with our customers; every day we make sure
that we follow their requirements precisely.

Fast Solutions.
 There are many different Website Design and SEO companies out there. Which one is the right one?? Which one to chose?? They all promise the best website design or best search engine ranking for your site at the lowest price. Can they deliver what they promised?? What about turnaround time?? We have heard of up 3 months developing time. That's absurd. Web sites typically take about two to four weeks to develop, depending on the complexity of the website, the condition of the material, and the speed of customer reviews. A website, like any other marketing tool, is ineffective if the turnaround time is long drawn out. offers its customers with fast turnaround time on any services offered.

Hundreds of very satisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. Never a dissatisfied customer here at Below some examples of what our customers have to say about us.
Don't wait any longer, pick up your phone and become one of our most valuable customers.

AMF International K.K.
It’s AWESOME! You guys are AMAZING!
There aren’t enough words to express how I feel about it.
I have to thank my PA. She was the one who found you.

Andre Grissette / CEO
Thanks for all your hard work on the website. It looks great. It's actually one of the best executive
search websites that I have seen.

Ricky Gentilcore / Managing Director

I've been watching the ongoing developments with the website, thanks for your patience, I'm sure
it's been tested with our particulars. You guys have a done a great job and we really appreciate it.

Perrow Murphy-Dunn / CEO
I originally developed my Italian School website, but my knowledge of web design technologies
was and is very poor. Because of that, my website never really looked professional enough.
That made me lose many potential customers. Try, you won't regret it! They can
make your website look like a million dollars.

Alessio D'Alessandro / Owner

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