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"Helping you say Hello to the World!"
We offer a wide range of services such as English training and development for students - business people alike, with a focus on overseas student and travel exchange.

Imagine a place where you can go to help build on your life accomplishments, where the sole purpose of our friendly staff and comprehensive resources is to help you feel proud and confident of your past 10 minutes or your past few hours that you've spent with us.
At Hello Centers Tokyo, it is our goal to provide you the highest quality services to make this a reality.

"Examples of our Services"
Our specialized English E- Modules can help advance your current knowledge of English to greater heights (such as our business, medical and general English programs), learn how to use new words and phrases to advance in your career, your business or your own personal goals.
Our Student and Travel Exchange services can introduce you to a whole new world, from achieving a foreign degree or diploma, to simply experiencing a different country with home stay services - we can show you!

Yoshihito Kainuma
Greg Selfe

Hello Centers Tokyo

お問い合わせは info@hellocenters.com スタッフが24時間以内にご連絡させていただきます。ありがとうございます。

First location coming soon!
But don't wait to contact us for more information on our English E-Modules and upcoming events. November- February will be very exciting months for us!

Hello Centers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kids
Club Inc. doing business as
Hello Kids Preschool/School.
In operation since 1998,
Hello Kids Japan focusses on the development of children's english level through a wide range of programs and services offered through its different locations. Please visit www.hello-kids.co.jp for more information.

Hello Centers has been established to provide specialized english and exchange services for adults,
a continuation of our parent companies goal to achieve the highest quality of service
in this industry.

Hello Centers (Admin.Offices)
Hello Centers

Hello Centers

4-29-11 Verite Bldg.
Komazawa Setagaya-Ku
Tokyo Japan 154-0012

TEL: 03-3421-5381
FAX: 03-3421-7932



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